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Good place for Genuine Japanese Imports in HK?

Yes, I saw the other "Where to buy Japanese games" sticky but that's generally aimed at people outside of Asia so...

I know import stuff is literally everywhere in Hong Kong but not all of them are genuine so, I want to find out what trustworthy places there are.

What I'm generally looking for is import game magazines such as Famitsu in Japanese (don't want the Chinese version), console games (preferably places that does the pre-order goodies too!), Manga (JP only again!) and Anime DVDs.

I've never really been interested in import stuff until recently so the only place I know is Sogo in Causeway Bay (銅鑼灣). Are there any other good places?

And don't worry, you can write names in Chinese because I can read them

Hope someone can help out XD
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