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You kidding me right? Great Tanaguchi your serious!! Alright then my young, misinformed and misinterpreted friend who has not had the benefit of being in this forum long enough to catch what we have been debating about or you would not have made such a silly statement based on such incomplete information.

What makes it silly is, yes Lelouch has darker aspects and he's admitted them to himself quite fine thank you very much, after the death of both Shirley's father and the fallout from that with Mao along with what happened to Euphie. His breakdown in the shower scene, and the horror he felt as the massacre was going on, all acknowledgments that he is in fact very dark, and accepts it. He no longer justifies the 'righteousness' of his actions, only acknowledging his belief in his cause and the necessity of moving forward no matter what the cost.

And of course he's in it for revenge, you think he's interrogating his own family about his mother's death without realizing that? There's nothing right about it, it's simply a part of his own selfish desire and he realizes that, the benefits it renders to his followers is merely a side effect of that, ones that that simply coincide with one another but are not necessarily the same.

And one last thing, if he was really just doing this for revenge, why did he give up on th rebellion to go save his sister? If it was really like that, he would have simply ignored it for later and continued his conquest of Japan, but instead he gave up everything to save his sister because as he said 'what would be the point of what I've done if she isn't safe?' She is more important then his revenge or his feud by the simple gravity of this one act that caused his to lose in the end.

Now as to you 'subconscious' theory, that isn't the case at all. He was angry with Euphie for taking the strength away from his cause, there's no denying that and Lelouch didn't, but at the same time he was disgusted by the hypocrisy and naivety of such a dream that would only end in failure in his eyes. She wasn't taking away his 'justice', because Lelouch doesn't believe for a minute he really is just, it was just mantra for his followers and his own personal and selfish beliefs. He got over that after her emotional plea, that was evident, nothing to do with Suzaku or anything because he gave Suzaku up to Euphie, not he lost Euphie to Suzaku, loving him had nothing to do with it since Lelouch isn't interested in romance to begin with. And I believe it was concluded by the board that what Lelouch said wasn't subconscious, but a fully conscious scenario he had considered before going with the needle gun idea because it was too convenient for his situation and something he likely would have come up with given how over analytical he is.

Of course neither of them is righteous or evil, that's an established fact for all people, it just feels like your coating Lelouch with far too much 'evil' when really he's just being human.
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