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Originally Posted by Trax
Just because Naruto works hard doesn't mean he's still a loudmouth moron. Being a Chuunin or beyond means he has to wisen up, and change just like the 4th probably did. If he doesn't, perhaps this just means he'll never become a Chuunin, let alone a Hokage. Although technically being Hokage means being the strongest ninja, I doubt they'd pick an idiot to take that position.
Tsunade has already seen what incredible talent Naruto really has, what with seeing him learning Rasengan in a matter of a few weeks, using it to finish someone stronger than Hatake Kakashi, and surviving that "Mess-up-inside-of-body" no Jutsu from Kabuto.

Who knows? Tsunade might already think Naruto is Hokage material. What do you think she'll think when many years have passed, and Tsunade has to pick a new Hokage. Naruto may have reached his goal of making everyone n the village recognize him.
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