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Originally Posted by Malkuth View Post
I totally disagree, it's definitely not the best part of the series (Kizu- )
Yes, I agree. I think this is still a powerful scene (this very thread being the evidence ) It's not just another pointless scene; both of them were in it for real. Not only do they have these kinds of thoughts about eachother, they're both willing to act them out. To the degree of doing the next best thing. Of course you can say they are just fooling around, like the horny teenagers they are (well, they are still siblings), and there's no love involved. Future will show. I guess they're brushing eachother's teeth on a regular basis now, given how they are supposedly "getting along a little better" now.

Originally Posted by omimon View Post
Blu-ray: Foam added.
With foam that scene would look like it's from your regular bukkake (gokkun) movie (or is that just me?). Not that it would be a bad thing

Originally Posted by Kanon View Post
That's not exactly right. As you said, Araragi wasn't on very good terms with his sisters at the beginning of the series, and this episode brought him closer than ever to one of his sister. That's progress in my book.
Bolding mine. Yes, I don't know why this isn't bleeding obvious to some viewers. Progress of a kind, at least

Reading Kizu and watching Nise has really opened up Koyomi's character for me.

The fanservice argumentation is really nothing new. It strikes me as somewhat distant, since I really don't have any kind of aversion towards sex or eroticism, especially when we're talking two dimensional character models.
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