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Originally Posted by DemiSoda View Post
How does on why a toothbrush scene being criticized due to it not only being incestuous and irritating but irrelevant to advancing the plot, is considered irrelevant to this episode discussion.
Which plot?

Lets be honest, nobody watches it for that maybe some but they're very few people who fay dreams of a plot, this series is so character based that it doesn't matter what are they doing but the relationship (a weird one) between them.

And as you can see here:
Originally Posted by omimon View Post
Here is the thing. I'm super bias. I was the one who originally translated the toothbrush scene a long time so I like to think that I had a part in it when it came to the hype of this episode. It's sorta like seeing the stepchild you adopted finally getting married. Even then I have to agree that this episode really is useless and doesn't contribute to the overall story. I admit that it really is just Nisio jacking off with a pen. With that in mind I STILL think that this is the best thing to happen to this series.
People cares more about events like this rather than the barely existent plot .

Originally Posted by omimon View Post
Personally I was hoping for a 90% 10/10 rate. Episode of the year!!!

Blu-ray: Foam added.
And I supsect it will be not so foamy foam .
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