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The end of the episode definitely had a lot of impact. I figured that Yu's reactions would have more power to them in the anime. It was pretty tough to watch....Nanako !

All those Personas, that rare power of his, and Narukami still couldn't do anything at that moment. I might have added some sad music to really make it hit people, but a silent approach has its merits too.
Originally Posted by com_gwp View Post
This, I never understood the reasoning behind it. A majority of people hate open endings too. Ship teasing is one thing, but rather than an open ending that disappoints equally, why not satisfy one side?

Then again, Yu is pretty dense in the show. Sigh. Dense MC= Open end. The unwritten rules of anime storytelling
I've never liked that method myself either. You equally piss off all the shipping groups since he doesn't end up with their pick instead of at least making one group happy. Maybe they feel all the groups in the open ending are less angry than if one is actually picked. Oh well.
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