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this is an excellent episode...
the action scene is pretty good....

honestly, when Ayase leans forward to Shu, I thought she's going to kiss him... *sigh*

Gai's triple combination void is badass as usual....
Shu finally leads Funeral Parlor.... I miss this action since the first-half of this anime
His battle with Yuu is also good for me... although I already forget completely what is Argo's void... and that 'hadouken' void... whose void is that??
Inori's feeling really touch my heart... ;___; (although memory erasing for heroine is a regular treatment in every anime)
and Mana's smile and appearance in the end are perfect

I feel bad for Mana... I mean Shu's sister is actually a normal girl... She is just possessed by alien's virus and destroy her personality completely.... They should stop calling her Mana but 'apocalypse virus'. The real Mana should be more kinder like her brother

Daryl should join Funeral Parlor! Your Tsugumi is waiting (why should Daryl encounter the rest of Funeral Parlor?? I want Daryl-Tsugumi's showdown)
and for Gai, finally I believe that he's actually the same Gai and not being controlled by Daath or Leucocyte. His action in this episode proves that especially his conversation with Inori
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