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UN forces got wrecked fast. Void combining is powerful, are there no drawbacks...?

As for Shu vs Da'ath... why did the voids being pulled out come in pairs? The deadly whips(?), swords, and whatever else. I thought people's voids are just 1 item, Ayase's makes sense since it's for both her legs.
Or is that just a bonus ability from Yuu's void genome? more episode, the time to see those who survive, and those who die a deserving death...maybe.

Originally Posted by miketyson View Post
When did Arisa go back to Gai's base? I thought she was still with Shu's group last episode. Huh?
Well she was out of sight when Shuu got the last Void Genome, and killed lovely Segei.
I guess the remaining Funeral Parlor members in the area just retreated instead of checking for any other enemies...
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