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Favorite girl?

It had to be done. So who's your favorite girl in Mai-HiME? Actually this question is harder than usual, because the characters act and feel noticably different in the manga and the anime. Hmmm, I guess we can vote for favorite overall in the poll, favorite anime girl, and favorite manga girl though.

Favorite anime girl: Mai
I just love Mai in the anime. She's got spunk, she's got a great personality, and she's just a really likeable character.

Favorite manga girl: Natsuki
Natsuki takes the cake for the best manga girl. I can't get enough of her. I love how she's normally aggressive and somewhat crude, but then turns around and shows that she's really a sweet, gentle girl (especially around Tate, that lucky bastard). Everytime I turn a page in the manga I hope to see more Natsuki action.

Overall winner: Natsuki
Natsuki's charm in the manga won me. I think that Mai acts a little overly sweet and caring in the manga for my tastes, so that helps me come to my decision.

Honorable mention: Akane
You know, there's just something about Akane that I really like. She's more like your average girl and she's a little clumsy, but she's really sweet, and cute, and caring. I love how she acts and talks around Kazu in the manga, especially in a particular chapter in volume 2. Also one should note that Akane and Kazu are not initially boyfriend and girlfriend in the manga as they are in the anime, which makes the relationship all the more fun to enjoy.
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