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Originally Posted by larethian View Post
*peers at my signature*
Best person to ask for Spoilers >>> larethian
(larethian needs some motivation to do summaries)

Oh yeah. It's more like Oreimo x Toradora. Oreimo setting (more Otaku than Haganai, plus Momo is a little like Kirino, just a little), and Toradora romance.

Though, @OP, unless you are reading the original novels, I wonder how it can become your favorite with just two short chapters.

Here's Fujimi HP for the series:

Ah, my volume 3 is coming today through Kinokuniya, though I'll probably only pick it up tomorrow.
And, what'd be your motivation?


Btw, from that checklist in FS, I think I wold mark everything

I mean, I don't think I'm an otaku 100% or riajuu 100%. Since I'm between them, I will choose all of them xD.
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