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Mai - [Anime]
She's truly a person who you could easily see being friends with. Her character design is pretty and yesh, even me = female, she has very big boobs that sometimes is appealing and sometimes isn't. Haha. Plus she's got a badass child - Kagutsuchi, The Fire God and she's responsible. The best thing about this is that she feels like a person you would meet too. She has doubts about fighting and killing those she thought once were good people but if it calls, she will protect those she cares for the most. Overall, a very believable and complex character. They appeal to me

Natsuki - [Manga]
She for no other reasons, amuses me to the end of no return. So I like her. Period.

Honorable Mention
I have a list:
Midori - 'nuff said.
Akane - a tragic character who has enough bonus points to get in the HM.
Mikoto - just because of the manga. 'These boobs are mine' cracks me up.
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