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Originally Posted by mystogan View Post
hmm, wonder if there would be enough anyway.............................*planning a strategy to take away all the feast*

oh, and i knew of beef jerky never knew of the chinese pork jerky, i bet it tastes delicious cause it certainly looks delicious
Beef jerky? Never tasted that before. I have tried the chicken version but it tastes weird and not as juicy as pork jerky. With pork jerky, I could lick it like eating an ice cream and chew it in my mouth for a whole 2 minutes because it's soooo juicy.

Originally Posted by Paranoid Android View Post
Are you talking about that salted meat thingy people hang in their yard? Those things are so chewy and delicious.

Nvm your pic looks nothing like what I had in mind. I have no idea what that is.
You should try if you have never tried it before. I am not sure if you could find it in your area, because pork jerky cannot be kept long and hence it may be difficult to find it if it is not popular enough.

Originally Posted by Obelisk ze Tormentor View Post
Sorry, my mistake. It's coz of my post that mystogan, GenjiChan, and mangamuscle have become zombies lusting for you.

Btw, I can smell your brain, MUAHAHAHAHAHA. It's so alluring.....................
So you're the culprit! It's okay, you can have my brain. I have a big brain, but most of the time I don't make use of it so yeah, plenty of meat to go around
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