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Originally Posted by Vexx View Post

If you want to be vegan that's a choice - but I encounter far too many vegans that DON'T do the research so they can replace what they are not getting in their diet. You can't just "throw on a few tofus" and call it good. If you want to go vegan for ethical or spiritual reasons, fine, but don't say you're doing it for health reasons because the science says baloney and DO the research to see what you should be eating to substitute what meat offers (hint: it includes beans, tofu, certain plants, and *vitamins* like iron -- and plan on grazing six or eight small meals a day, which isn't a bad idea even with meat).
And this is what my big sister does all the time. It took a while for my dad's side of the family to accept her being a vegan. She was at first a vegetarian but after grad school, she became 100% vegan but she didn't become vegan to be healthy. She's a mini hippy guys XD.

Anyways, now she's practically the healthiest, smartest, and fittest member of the whole family LOL.

As for me, hell yeahh I eat meat ROFL!! I wanted to become vegetarian after I turned 18 but that didn't happen lol. But I did give up drinking regular milk and cheese. Now I eat soy products and lactose free stuff.
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