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Originally Posted by Vexx View Post
It actually isn't clear whether any signifcant estrogen is absorbed from the soy milk... but I just started using almond milk for what little cereal I eat just because it tastes better and is cheaper in my area.

Neither soy nor almond are worth a crap for cooking with though --- for cooking, moo milk still wins.

Real butter in mild doses... real sugar in very mild doses <- less evil than almost all the not-butter or chem pseudo-sugars.
Actually soy milk and almond milk got some good properties better than regular milk. I make homemade granola bars and protein bars because I am not often home and on the go college, gym, and playing sports is common for me to spend my day so Almond milk and soy milk are great for me. Regular milk will only make them last a week in the refrigerator. With Almond or Soy Milk they last a lot longer to I say at least 2 weeks, plus if you are working out it would be wise to choose something that will not stink in a gym bag. So because almond milk and soy milk don't need to be refrigerated it makes an excellent choice. As for butter, I just used the norm and the sweet flavorings. There are some good and healthy substitutes for sugar. Splenda is alter in the lab, but generally it has no harm towards the body and it is great for cooking and baking. It is 600 times sweeter than sugar. For normal stuff like sugar over cereal, yougurt, whatever you want to sweeten up with sprinkle sugar you can use Sweetleaf and Truvia.
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