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Originally Posted by Graveyard Duck View Post
The ones who come to the reasonable conclusion that the victim would do severe violence on others before calming down. I am quite certain that police officers are allowed to use physical violence to subdue violent victims--including and especially if the victim is about to harm himself. That real world police officers' nonlethal methods of subjugation rarely comes from the end of a gun says more about the reliability of tranquilizers and tasers compare to old fashioned grappling. If we had methods as reliable and as safe as film depictions of tranquilizers and tasers, I suspect the police would be expected to grapple with suspects much less often.
That is not the case here....

Ok, without the Dominator and just a standard present era handgun would Masaoka have aggravated the situation by proceeding to level his weapon at the girl?

At that point, was there clear and present threat the victim was posing to anyone yet? If anything, the act of threatening her with the Dominator made that threat (the lighter and fuel) later.

Of course, later having to stun her after she's prsented the threat is a "can't be helped, no choice" thing.
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