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Originally Posted by aohige View Post
He went waaaay over his head when he started talking about OH NOES THAT POOR GIRL
Dude she's like, two hundred years old.

I'm not certain Dumberdumb realize just how Magi is on a totally different plane of existence.

He said:
"But...It doesn't matter if she is Magi or not"
"That's right, what that matters is that she thinks she must sacrifice herself (for the sake of the Goi) due to her "special powers", thinking that it is what she wants and what she must do."
"I am sad is for these magician children (that think this way)..."
"I am anxious for them.."
"I want to help them!"

I don't think he is under any illusion that the Magi are far stronger than he is. However, what he wants to free them off is the idea that they (meaning all Magicians, including the Magi) should sacrifice themselves for the Goi, just like he did in the past. It is a ideology thing than a superiority thing. To him, it is like stopping a person from doing a suicidal attempt to help a lost/stupid cause. Note that he also refered to Yamu and other magician children towards the end.

We all know that he already dropped the bomb that Yamu could possibly die young from how she helps Sindaria. From what we know of Sinbad, I think he would totally do that if it means further securing Sindaria. Then there is always the possibility that Yamu simply keeps it from Sinbad that she is burning her own lifespan to help a nation she loves.

I think you are making it sound more unreasonable then it is.
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