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Originally Posted by felix View Post
Minerva's probably good, as in she's righteous. You don't call your character after the godess of wisdom and justice for naught. For what's worth everything about her apart from her chinese vibe reeks of her being equivalent to the goddess with the same name. You all should be more familiar by her other name though, Athena.
Athena became Minerva but Minerva was a Roman god long before Roman mythology got 'Greeked' so she didn't start off as Athena... which explains the large differences between the two. After all Minerva was never a war goddess but Athena as born as one.

In short Minerva was around and kinda a minor goddess but then Roman adopted Greek beliefs and Romanized them. Since Minerva was already around though she took on Athena's backstories minus the parts that didn't fit or better fit other existing Goddess, such as Bellena.

The Heroes of Olympus series does a decent job explaining it but it really kidized the explaination.

Well to the point... Hiro seems to be throwing in some Athena into Minerva due to all the fighting but at least he kept her prefering other ways to win through intelligence and her kept wrathful side. After all this is the goddess who transformed a rape victim (in some stories, in others a lover) into Medusa just cause she was sworn to celebacy and a male god couldn't be blaimed for wanting to sleep with such a hot woman. Still FT's Minerva is a very interesting character, series is better for her being in it... doubt she'll be in much after this arc though :/
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