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Originally Posted by Bonta Kun View Post
I'm with classic here, these are boring match ups now since they have come true.
While I think everyone knew they were coming, you really gotta hope they didn't and have Mashima give us some different for once.

lightning vs lightning, dragon slayer vs dragon slayer etc etc, the match ups have no flair to them what so ever.
Altho outcomes might be different from what we expect, the match ups aren't great in themselves.
At very least like Randrak says gotta expect Gajeel to beat the crap outta Rogue.
Because anything else wouldn't make much sense. And you also have to remember that Mavis's tactics arranged for these fights, ie, she set up fights with the idea that FT would win. Gajeel vs. Rogue makes sense. So logically, it makes sense. Also thematically, it makes sense, since Rogue has issues with Gajeel.

If you're surprised by any of this, then you haven't been reading shonen very long. And given the surprises Mashima has thrown at us in the past, and the flair we've gotten from other fights (did YOU expect Natsu to take on both Sting and Rogue?), I'd say that, if these fights do lack any "flair" then it's okay. Not everything can be a home run.

And we still have Sting, Jura, Juvia, etc. Who do you think they will fight? Do you think it would have made sense for Juvia to fight Rogue?

Honestly, it reads like nitpicking.
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