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Originally Posted by justsomeguy View Post
* Besides just suddenly showing up, everything about the finale episodes felt rushed and flat. The villain trio being all fairies had absolutely no buildup before the reveal. Even Pop hadn't recognized them before. Having the Precure fall and have to pick themselves up twice during the battle disrupted the emotions that the writers were trying to evoke. It doesn't help that the final scene of the epilogue with Candy showing up again basically crapped on the drama 15 minutes earlier (at least it wasn't stretched out into multiple episodes like the DD or Lotte finales).

final score: 7/10. While the show was enjoyable by its individual episodes, the main plot didn't feel like it held together well or that the writers made an effort. The fillers were actually more interesting than the main plot.
Completely agree here (including the final score).
I liked this season of precure... but the end was just... i don't know...
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