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Episode 30

Another fun episode as the Precure team saves money and breaks all sorts of immigrations laws by using magic to travel all over the world. There's lots of fun moments with Yayoi taking pictures everywhere she goes (she doesn't take nearly as many as I do!) and Nao threatening to exhaust the entire world's food supplies. Red Oni sneaking into the picture on the Amazon was pretty neat too.

The production team didn't pull all the stops for action in this episode, but mermaid mode was pretty creative.
Cure Peace uses lightning -> It's super effective! -> Everyone dies!
I do wish that Cure March got to attack; I wonder how the heck they would have animated that.

At this point, Smile Precure is horribly entertaining. I'm enjoying this show more than any other anime currently airing right now.

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Dude, you're still on episode 29, while others have watched the whole thing. Bad? That's up to opinion, but at the end the amount of potential that the writers didn't bother with becomes obvious.
What potential is there to fulfill? It's not as if Precure is worth watching for the plot or for drama.
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