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1. C.C./Index - More likely than not a C.C. victory
2. Tomoyo = default
3. Tsumugi/Last Order = It's one or the other, but I do not know who. I feel as like Last Order will win, for some reason.
4. Kagami/Nymph = Hoping for Kagami to make it through this one.
5. Konata/Haruna = I do not know, but I think Konata may have this.
6. Masami/Kotomi = More likely than not, Masami will win this.

1. Yozora = current series helps. Everyone else needs another try.
2. Yui = default.
3. Erio/Homura = I do not know, but something tells me that Erio has this.
4. Kuroyukihime = Kurisu needs another try.
5. Rikka = default. Nanami and Tsukihi need a second round.
6. Asuna = default

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