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Originally Posted by Narona View Post
Are you talking to me? I don't understand if it's the case.
No, I stated that regarding the opening post.

I blame the ones who keep saying that the people who watch anime and play videogames are all otakus without friends, life etc. At leats in france, that's what some people think :/
I ignore the people that state that, although I have only ever met those people that think like that online, never have I had anime fandom descrimination put against me in reality. I have many, many friends of all different cultures and status' that know me for my liking for anime, even if they are not really fond of it themselves. They simply respect my pleasures as I do theirs.

I do not know whether it applies to the whole of the United Kingdom or just the location in which I am stationed, but here no one would ever be descriminated because they like anime, nor do we have any form of assumptions for people that like it. When I state that I like anime, there will just simply be a "cool" or a "awesome" or "I have seen some Ghibli films, they were amazing". Let us face it, everybody loves Studio Ghibli productions, even here in the UK.
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