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The problem is that, back in Episode 17, Zessica cut Amata off before he could properly reply to her confession since she (likely correctly) thought that Amata was going to reject her. So partially because of that, there was no proper follow-up between the two over Zessica's confession to Amata. Amata never had a chance to let her down easily which might have been a painful but helpful watershed moment for Zessica.

Zessica figured that Amata was going to reject her, and thought she'd just skip that unpleasant moment entirely, but by skipping it she perhaps made it harder for her heart to move on.

So I see Vena's point here.

However, I don't think that Amata is entirely blameless here. Amata hasn't done anything wrong - he's never really put his foot in his mouth like Andy did, for example. But there's things that Amata's failing to do that he should be doing. I don't know if it's that Amata needs more spine, or if he just needs to learn the art of assertiveness, but his lack of decisive actions has certainly made things much more difficult for both Mikono and Zessica.
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