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Originally Posted by wisteria233 View Post
And what could Amata do? In fact, why should he do it at all? Amata may be the cause of her behavior but his not at fault for it. He is not obligated to that for Zessica, and even if he did, what would he say to her? Her not being able to figure out that she's trying to gain Amata's attention by changing herself, and failing, is not Amata's problem, its Zessica's problem. Heck, speaking as a female, that's the worse thing that you can do, because its either embarrassing or it makes the guy look like an egotistical prick.

I find it funny how people expect for Amata to go above and beyond for Zessica despite him not even holding her to a high enough regard to do that for her, and it also being incredibly unrealistic for him to try. Amata did his part when he rejected her, now Zessica needs to do her part and get over it. Amata doesn't need to say anything else to her on this matter, the subject is closed. He owes Zessica no further obligations.
Check Triple_R's post.

Amata didn't do his part because, as Ep. 17 showed, he didn't actually get to finish his part. Zessica was about to run off, he was about to chase her to explain everything and offer a conclusion, but that didn't conclude. No one is expecting Amata to go above and beyond, what is expected is him to finish what he started and he has not done so. The rejection is literally a single word exchange right now with one party having tried to flee, the other to follow and see that everything would be sorted out. This is Amata we're talking about.

Originally Posted by wisteria233 View Post
Except both Mikono and Mix just admitted that they have a hard time expressing how they feel in this episode, and that the problem stems from their Daddy issues.
Andy and Zessica are not much alike, when Andy realized that he liked Mix he chased after her, but after she turned him down he decided that he wouldn't case after such a cold woman. It was not until after he found out the reason for her behavior that he started to put a real effort into the chasing after her. In the previous episode Andy got upset not because he botched his confession and couldn't get his words across to Mix, who then got mad at him.
Zessica on the other hand was flirting around with Amata, but unlike Andy she didn't have her eye on him, she was just playing around at Amata's detriment, because it amused her. However, once she realized that she liked him she clammed up and kept her distance. She had to be goaded into confessing to Amata, and once she did she fell into denial.
They have a hard time expressing themselves because of pops is a far cry from where they were at the start of the show, which was unable to express themselves at all to others, hence my claimt hat they have changed for the better since the start of the show and where they were then.

When did Andy chase after MIX? I do not recall him actually pursuing her until he overheard about her problems and tried to be a good guy. And I don't recall even talking about any of these details, I mean I could just as easily question why you opt to forget that Zessica clammed up with good reason, she provided in Ep. 9 though the interviews did clarify the meaning. Not to mention you've completely disproportionated the time actually spent on Zessica's flirting for flirting sake (one episode). By Ep.7 when she's gone to him for "protection" from the ghost, some flags should have probably been thrown up that play and affection were already blending in her head/heart. They may as well have had Fudo quote Walter Anderson in Ep. 8:
We're never so vulnerable than when we trust someone - but paradoxically, if we cannot trust, neither can we find love or joy.
She may not have had her *eye* on him consciously until Ep. 8/9 but to say that the flags weren't getting thrown up before that is a little... odd? Andy was not consciously chasing MIX since the start of the show either, he was chasing *the girl with a hole in her heart* which he didn't put a face on until half way through the show.

That said, the point was not that Andy and Zessica are carbon copies, but that in this episode (note the word this) their developments were parallels of one another; they were both sinking ever deeper into depression. There may or may not be other parallels between the characters but I don't want to take the conversation in that direction.

Originally Posted by wisteria233 View Post
Really? because episodes 3, and 7 beg to differ, I distinctly remember Amata trying apologize/ explain himself to Mikono over a misunderstanding. I find it interesting how people easily forget the events of previous episodes, and both times Amata got depressed disheartened by Mikono getting mad at him, not unlike Mix was towards Andy in episode 17.
If you want to say that Amata was like MIX, sure, but wasn't the original comparison Amata - Andy, MIX - Mikono? I wasn't forgetting events until we suddenly started playing musical chairs with who we're supposedly saying is overlapped with whom.
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