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And yet again it's somehow all Amata's fault.

Zessica ran off while Amata was trying to do a proper rejection. How is that Amata's fault? Sure, Amata is probably not at all experienced in stuff like this (neither is Zessica, apparently) and he wasn't as assertive as he should've been, but still, he tried and Zessica didn't want to hear it. How is Amata responsible for finishing the talk, when it was Zessica who ran off in the first place?

I don't really understand why Amata needs to talk to Zessica either. He rejected her* she accepted that he doesn't love her (re: end of ep 17), end of story as far as Amata is concerned. Let's pretend that the Zessica in ep 18 was the result of a natural progression - she had still accepted Amata's decision. No-one forced her to stick around instead of trying to move on. I'm not saying one can't emphatize with Zessica but frankly, she brought this on herself. Amata owes her nothing.

*Unless of course this is again just a big ~misunderstanding~ and after 17 episodes of nothing he suddenly developed feelings for her. In which case the show is trying to insult my intelligence.
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