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Originally Posted by wisteria233 View Post
he tried she ran off, but from her own words she knew that she was being rejected, so you're trying to say that he should run after her and yell,

"Zessica I don't love you!!" so that she gets the point?
I think it would have been beneficial if he had met up with her later on, and been concrete with her about how he values her as a friend but also that he doesn't have romantic feelings for her.

When somebody loudly and passionately confesses to you, I think that calls for an equally clear and concrete reply, and not just a simple hint.

You give a hint for a hint, but if somebody gives you a clear-cut romantic confession then I think the right thing to do is to give them a clear-cut response.

Now of course it doesn't have to be "Zessica, no matter what you do, no matter how you change yourself, I'll never love you, so get over me and move on."

Just a simple "Zessica, I really value you as a friend, but I'm just not interested in you that way. Sorry."

You know, just the classic "let her down easy".

Look, you can't put aside the fact that they go to the same class together, and even regularly fight alongside each other in combat together!

Let's say that the Yellow Ranger confessed to the Red Ranger, of the five/six-person Power Rangers team. I mean, that really is like what we're talking about here. This isn't something that can simply be hinted away, the two people are too associated with each other as it is.

I think some people here aren't seeing the team/military side of things here. Would you want to be Pilot No. 3 of a three-way Aquarion Union with Amata and Zessica while their issues remain unresolved in the immediate wake of Zessica confessing to Amata? Amata clearing things up with Zessica wouldn't just be beneficial to her, it would also be beneficial to the entire military-based team that he and her are big parts of.

This is getting ridiculous the lengths people will go to blame Amata for Zessica's inability to take a hint. Amata doesn't owe Zessica anything,
Well, if you want to get technical, Zessica has helped him out in many situations. Remember Kagura's last appearance? Zessica followed Amata around the city during the chase for Mikono, and she helped him out quite a bit here.

I truly don't get why you and kuro talk about Amata and Zessica as though they're two strangers to one another. Don't you think that simply being a reliable/trusted friend and combat ally to someone means you owe them a certain level of basic care and concern?

Except unlike Zessica Andy was genuinely interested in having a girlfriend.
Actually, way back in Episode 1 or 2, didn't Zessica and MIX have an argument over the idea of having a mecha union with a guy? Zessica always struck me as liking the idea of having a boyfriend.

Also Andy was never shown to be playing around with girls, the way that Zessica was with Amata. so the parallel fails in that regard.
How is Andy basically trying to play Peeping Tom any more respectable than Zessica making Amata fly? Really now...

Originally Posted by kuromitsu View Post
Eeeh? I'm not a guy so I don't know about any possibly existing "guys' etiquette to turning girls down" but why does he need to be in an established relationship to turn someone down? If he doesn't love her then that's more than enough reason.
I'm certainly not saying that he needs to. It's just that it might make it a bit easier for him to do, since it might enable him to shift the tone of it from "I just don't like you that way" to "I'm already taken, sorry". The latter might be better for Zessica's self-esteem than the former.

Besides, it's not like Zessica was unaware that he's into Mikono. That's why Zessica had been so depressed until ep 17, because she knew that he was all Mikono all the time. In 18 episodes he never showed any romantic interest in her and kept pursuing Mikono. And Zessica was more than aware of this. Hell, she didn't even try pursuing him except for that one half-sentence when she told him about Apollon & Sylvie and Kagura & Mikono. So it's not like Amata was giving Zessica mixed signals, leading her to believe she had a chance.
Well, during all those times that Zessica basically flirted with Amata, did Amata ever tell her to "cut it out"? Did he ever ask her to stop? Maybe I'm forgetting a scene somewhere, but I don't recall him ever asking her to cut it out.

I don't think Amata's done anything wrong here, but I can understand why Zessica might hold some small glimmer of hope inside of her heart somewhere.

Whoa, whoa!! So basically, your're saying that Amata has a responsibility to "see Zessica through this"?
I'm not saying that he should make himself a shoulder to cry on. All I meant by "see her through this" is to let her down easily. And then just be a good friend/ally in general.
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