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Originally Posted by kuromitsu View Post
But he tried to do that. He can't really do anything more, not without hurting her (and further jeopardizing his relationship with Mikono).
I think this is where Triple_R and I are coming from, the anime (and the writing) have left that scene unfinished. We knew he was trying to chase after her to finish saying what he was going to say but the action, while initiated, hasn't resolved. I'm fine in saying he rejected her but even he was out to say a word or two more because he saw a problem with Zessica's reaction. If he's shown trying to do a step more but gets interrupted, I do not see the fault in us expecting him to finish what he himself started. Its not like we expect Amata to take a dive from a sitting position if he'd never moved from the bench, but he went all the way to the diving board only to get stopped halfway.
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