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It's bad writing for sure. The way that scene ends Amata and Zessica are both standing around as Mikono stomps off as per usual.

Regardless of whether or not Amata has some kind of duty to finish his conversation with Zessica, the fact that their conversation seemingly stopped there does seem *really* hard to swallow (especially since Zessica's lunch was on the ground so she'd be unlikely to leave immediately). Like, after she left I guess they just shrugged their shoulders and awkwardly walked in different directions, and didn't speak with each other until they had that banana-milk hot-tub session...sigh.

That much is poor writing that strains suspension of disbelief. It's not an isolated incident, either, it's just more "unable to write certain scenes without tipping the character interactions in ways they don't want to go (yet)".
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