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Originally Posted by Justin_Brett View Post
Dismembering people doesn't seem that knightly either, buddy.
It's part of the business, Jedi Knights dismember people all the time. In fact, it's one of the primary uses of the lightsaber: swift, elegant, deathly xD!

Originally Posted by Justin_Brett View Post
(Neither is using an army of disposable clones to fight your battles, but that's neither here nor there)
The point is Jedi Knights are aware of the unchivalry of their current tactics but they've been forced to do that because they were overwhelmend by war and escalating technology. But they express disgust and distrust to the clones and unceremonial weaponry like guns, which is evidence they still hold their code and standards in high regard despite being forced to betray those beliefs. Signum is an Ancient Knight who always held her knight code and fightstyle in high-regard to the point of announcing her trusted sword complete with title. Wonder how she feels wielding a manufactured piece of advertising for CW on her hands and knowing her victory depends entirely of that "thing" xDU

Laevatein deserves a ceremony to honour his life of service before retiring from active warfare duty.
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