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Originally Posted by Justin_Brett View Post
You can DO that with signatures?
Yuppers. In the CP go to "Edit Options" and scroll down till you see thread display options. Then under hide signature, input the user's ID number.

Originally Posted by Akiyoshi View Post
Oh, so i should be gratefull for how she's being mistreated here xD? That's no excuse, there are side character who get much less time on the screen but retain awesomeness by doing amazing stuff during those 5 mins of glory, so don't give me that BS.
You're the only one who thinks she was mistreated. She suffered a defeat, big fricken whoop. If you wanna get butt hurt about that, then how about in A's when the masked duo killed her with great ease?

And clearly you missed my post that said that in the new chapter it appears Signum blasted Cypha in such a way that it left only an arm behind.
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