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You're the only one who thinks she was mistreated. She suffered a defeat, big fricken whoop. If you wanna get butt hurt about that, then how about in A's when the masked duo killed her with great ease?
A couple of factors:

1.- She was a new character at the time which means her status as High-tier Badass wasn't fully stablished yet and...

2.- Was ambushed durent a moment of great stress and despair alongside her fellow knights, so it doesn't have the same impact.

Originally Posted by 00-Raiser View Post
And clearly you missed my post that said that in the new chapter it appears Signum blasted Cypha in such a way that it left only an arm behind.
The key word is "appears" we don't have the full chapter yet. And even if Signum manages to cut/blown one of Cypha's arms we know it's still the start of the fight since losing limbs doesn't mean anything to Cypha. She can just regrow those effortlessly.

Te be fair, tough. That panel is at the end of the chapter so maybe we will need to wait yet another month to know what really happened to Cypha.

About the AEC-Equipement since the NEXT designs are officially ended i hope the manga expands on how Signum's equipement works cause depending on that we can measure how much of the fight is Signum's merit and how much of her sucess is only due to her weapon.

EDIT: Oh yeah, about Signum's explanation indeed she helped to unveil info about how much Belkan Knights suck against EC-Drivers. But Vita actually has been explaining more about the background of the AEC-Equipement and the background of the involvement of Caledfwlch Techniques on the plot.
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