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The problem I still have with the dog thing is that it kinda makes Amata's character even weaker. In episode 22 he said that he loves Mikono for her. Not because of all this reincarnation crap, but the dog thing just makes that meaningless because he loves her because it's fated, not because of his own free will and affection for her, which makes his whole quest to fight fate pointless.
I don't entirely agree that it made him even weaker since his claim that he was fighting fate never seemed to hold much value anyway. That moment in episode 5 where they were looking at the sunset, Mikono told Amata how weird it was that, despite only meeting days ago, she felt like she had already known him for a very long time. Amata said he didn't think it was weird and that he felt they were destined to meet. So Amata totally believed in his "destiny" initially, and only conveniently started "fighting fate" when Kagura showed up. Not that it really matters much, but it shows that his initial feelings for Mikono were probably already influenced by their encounters in their previous life. So far, it seems the only one who's really been fighting fate is Zessica.
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