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Vena: that scene in 16 really does come to mind, actually. If it wasn't, in fact, wrong for Silvia to fall for Pollon -- and I think being shown it in that context implies it's not wrong, unless the Aquarion really is a lot angrier about a few things than we've been lead to believe thus far -- then it wouldn't be wrong for Amata to fall for Zessica this time around, either, I don't think.

Not saying it's going to happen, or that if it did happen that it wouldn't be an asspull, but there's a definitely a bit of a different way Zessica could think about what the Aquarion chose to show her. I'm unsure if she's meant to eventually figure it out, if we the audience are, or it's just an oversight, but with recent revelations what she's shown isn't exactly the story she's reacting as if she thinks it is (now there's a mouthful, ).

Edit: to sum it up: what's good for Pollon is good for Zessica, and vice versa, especially since their positions are at least somewhat similar.

Edit 2: I wonder if we can make a case that every time someone's brought up fate it's only worked against them?

From memory: Amata's pickup line about meeting Mikono being fate in episode 5 is almost* immediately* followed by Kagura showing up to interact with Mikono. Come to think of it, Mikono *wanting* to believe what he said about their meeting being fate actually takes on an ominous double meaning in hindsight...ouch, that's actually quite clever.

Zessica obviously wanted it to be Mikono's fate to wind up with Kagura to free up Amata for herself, and look where it got her.

Are there any others? If it's just these two it is a pattern but not a particularly strong one.

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