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Not exactly considering things are happening differently here. Pollon's situation is far different than Zessica's(And not just the gay angel taking over her body) and fate wasn't in the way when Pollon first fell in love with Celiane. Than there's the part that Apollonius never even tried to get in the way of his Dog wanting to make his girlfriend a dog lover in "that" way in the following reincarnation cycles. So Pollon never had to deal with anything that Zessica is dealing with because the one that was "destined" for Celiane never got in the way of the current reincarnations love attempts. While the reincarnated lovers, still say Silvia was tricked, are back together and actively trying to get together which is getting in the way of the outsider, Zessica, from getting with the one she loves.

There are similiarities but no. What's good for Pollon isn't good for Zessica which we have been shown very clearly how bad this reincarnation business has been to poor Zessica. Than there's the whole fighting fate theme which makes things even gloomier for Zessica even if she got to make her wish.

That would be stupid if they use the split as the excuse saying "Hey, the part that was destined for Mikono was actually ripped out into that thing that shouldn't exist! Which suddenly makes Amata totally legit in his fight against fate because that fate was taken from him and given to his fake. Totally".
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