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^Which is one of the reasons why I'm in the "Evol is actually an AU, the only backstory is what Fudou and Crea told in this episode, and it has zero canonical effect on the Sousei no Aquarion TV series" camp. (I don't care for the OVAs.)

I wasn't invested in the Apollo x Silvia/Apollonius x Celiane romance whatsoever, but one of the high points of the plot (that I wasn't too fond of either) was Apollo basically going "I don't give a damn about my previous life." He just wanted to save Baron and the kids, and help the Deava gang once they've become friends.

Actually, they could've tackled this with Amata and Kagura, with Kagura going on about "reincarnation!!1!! destiny!!1!" and Amata going "who the hell cares," except of course they handled Amata badly. :/ And the only time he got to say something along those lines it was not directly about himself. (Then again, back then he didn't know all the details.)

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