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Aside from those two, the only other explicit tempting-fate thing I can think of was in episode 16 when Cayenne said it'd be Amata's destiny to lose that battle, actually made me laugh pretty good ("where will you come from? above? from the left? from the right")...then after much shenanigans -- inspired by Zessica's confession, actually?!?! -- the mugen comes up from below (the one option he hadn't named, ) and triggers that big explosion.

But definitely, when you set it up that way they have parallel arcs on that topic. Not identical, but parallel, and certainly similar.

I thought more characters had mentioned fate in some sort of "tempting fate" setting but I'm not thinking of any. In any case, I still think it's pushing them to the fate-indifference route more than anything, or at least I hope it is. There's something on the tip of my tongue that I'll come back and post if I can remember what it was.
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