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Well well well. It seems some interesting theories have begun to develop after reading through every post in this thread. Other than what has already been said, the only thing that I have to add to this conversation is this.

Soley based on the hints given to us by those who have played the game, i'm almost 99% sure that Rena and Mion were innocent. I've heard several times that once you start getting more and more answers, that this chapter becomes more of a tragedy than a murder mystery. This leads me to believe that someone outside the group of friend's is the one pulling the strings. If you believe in the drug/disease/government conspiracy theory, then it's quite possible that Mion and Rena we're trying to help Keichi from the beggining of it all but he had fallen into such a state of dementia that his paranoia led him to suspect them as the ones out to get him. Ultimately, he ends up killing the only people who could've helped him and taking his own life.

As to the "trigger point" that brought him down that road..... I honestly have no clue.
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