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Originally Posted by vision55 View Post
One more reason to hate subs is the way they butcher the Japanese culture. I just don't get the same level of respect some characters get when they are introduced, referred to, or addressed. It is true when you go to a High context culture in Japan and trying to convert it to a low context culture that we have in the United States and most English speaking countries. A lot of things just don't translate well like Sama, and stuff.
Well, the honorifics are cut out because they don't work in English. Japanese is a language of respect and restraint. Titles are used constantly to all but the closest of friends and family, whereas English is more relaxed and informal. We only use titles like "Mr." and "sir" when the situation calls for it, which is often much less than Japanese. Also, you have to realize that not everyone watching these shows is an otaku. We know what the honorifics mean, and how they're used, but average people don't. And if they were used in English, you would hear things like "Mr. Naruto" and "Ms. Sakura" every time someone spoke. Lee would sound goofy as hell if they did that, since he applies honorifics to every name. They still use sensei, and sama is usually replaced with lord and lady, the english equivalent. Other than that, the titles really just don't fit when making a translation into English.

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