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Originally Posted by Dist View Post
RadiantBeam, are you sure what yuri means ? There is big difference in Yuri and Shojo-Ai.
In Japan the whole thing is called yuri, whether sexual or romantic, explicit or implied. Some people here (in the western fandom) use "shoujo-ai" to describe works where the yuri is pretty light or subtext, but in Japan is all just yuri.

Still, there is people here (including me) who use the word yuri with the Japanese meaning, and American publishers such as Seven Sees do so too. So don't bother people who choose to call yuri what you thing is "shoujo-ai". They're not mistaken. In fact, actual yuri fans (those who read Yurihime manga, Aoi Hana, Girl Friends, Sasameki Koto, etc) usually never use the term "shoujo-ai"; it's pretty much a travesty of a term to us.

Originally Posted by Charuru View Post
Aoi Hana. It's an adaptation of a yuri manga. But it's not completely, fully, courageously yuri.
I disagree. What could be more courageous than a story where the protagonist actually "comes out". This is really rare, since in most shows with yuri content, even when it is explicit (as in non-subtext), the relationship is not usually seen in the same terms as a relationship between a guy and a girl. Aoi Hana is different, and that's where its strength lies as a yuri work.
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