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Originally Posted by Kazu-kun View Post
In Japan the whole thing is called yuri, whether sexual or romantic, explicit or implied. Some people here (in the western fandom) use "shoujo-ai" to describe works where the yuri is pretty light or subtext, but in Japan is all just yuri.

So you're saying that Strike Witches, Noir, Ichigo Mashimaro or Sakura are YURI ?

Ichigo Mashimaro doesn't even have implied yuri, dunno about the others but fairly sure not. And anyway, the OP said clearly he wants a clearly portrayed lesbian relation ship without the fluffy fanservice. .. See my point for my original post ?

/Rant. I'm getting annoyed about the people who use these forums. They read the OP, ( or even worst cases they don't, they just read the title ), and then post whatever is in their head, ignoring everything else posted below. Which defies the idea of the forum in the first place.
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