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Originally Posted by Dist View Post
So you're saying that Strike Witches, Noir, Ichigo Mashimaro or Sakura are YURI ?
If it isn't actual yuri, then you could call it yuri subtext or implied yuri. That would describe it clear enough I think.

Originally Posted by Dist View Post
OP said clearly he wants a clearly portrayed lesbian relation ship without the fluffy fanservice[/B]. .. See my point for my original post ?
Yes, I know that, and my suggestion for OP (in a previous post) was Aoi Hana, which is exactly what s/he is looking for.

But my latest post was a reply to you, to make you understand that not everyone uses the term "shoujo-ai", specially yuri fans. If you want to use it, that's ok, but don't bother people who don't.
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