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Please point out where in the manga Ichigo has actually hugged someone.

Or where he goes uber depressed because the girl he came to save doesn't remember him?

Or point out where Ichigo has ever had a speech telling the potential romantic interest that they met/were connected in previous lifetimes (sounds suspiciously like a speech in the manga).

If you can't give examples to any of these points, chances are you have a jaded view of romance. It doesn't have to be all smoochie smoochie and grope. I think Kubo likes their interactions to have a sort of romantic subtlety to them. It's not out there in your face like Inoue's, but it is there. Whether you want to see it or not, that's your prerogative.

I personally thought this was the best Bleach movie of all, not just because of the IchiRuki fanservice (or the IchiRukiRen), but because it proves that without Rukia or Ichigo, there would be NO Bleach. Their existences are so inevitably intertwined with the story, removing them from their roles would be like a whole 'nother story. This will at least silence the people that think Rukia isn't important to Kubo or the story of Bleach anymore
Here. There are 3, but I'm not at home right now and don't have the movie with me. There are a few more of that I'm sure. But yeah...
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