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Originally Posted by mit7059
Religious rites and rituals regarding food also tend to classify the birds of the air and the fish of the sea separately from land-bound mammals.
I see. I was unaware of any religious aspect to the question, but that makes sense in a way--"God said so, so that's what I believe"--as illogical as it is. & apparently "vegetarians" who eat fish don't think of fish of something as other than meat, but rather as fitting outside the category of "animals that I don't eat because they discernibly suffer when people kill them". Interesting. Thanks.

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Ok, new silly question, silly question =)

Why general population want to have a 6-pack abs?
It's hot. Really hot. It's all about sex, in the end. Hmmm... Awkward phrasing... But, being in America, I disagree with the "general population" part of the question. This is the fattest nation in the world, so I'm pretty sure that the general population here wants a six-pack of another sort.
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