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Lol you are just like me, I'm also straight girl who likes yuri

Though I don't like shows where EVERYONE are gay... it's just way too random @_@

Well people had suggested the most obviouse ones so I will just suggest the ones in which you have yuri suggestion but it isn't the main topic of the show:

Bakuretsu Tenshi - though as far as I know manga has even more of yuri suggestions. This is a shooting anime.

Canaan - also had slight suggestion and also is a shooting one.

El Cazador de la Bruja - same story.

Ga-Rei Zero - they have nore of a sister like relationship but they are not related and did have several suggestive scenes, this one is based on sword fighting and is a bit gore and includes drama.

Mai HiME/Mai Otome - these series have one of the most famouse yuri pairing an dthe one which got me into the whole yuri. Second season Otome has more yuri indications, first season less but there is a clear pairing. And Mai HiME series are good on their own. Mai Otome is completly different with completly different story.

Mari Holic - main heroine has alergie on men and is a 100% gay. Though she is fangasming a lot.

Toaru Majutsu no Index and Toaru Kagaku no Railgun - mostly in Railgun we have a character who is in love with her roommate. But their relationship are more on hilariouse side than seriouse one.

That's the ones I know.
From yaoi... here are two 100% yaoi:
Junjou Romantica - it has several seperate stories about several pairings. Also has season two. I'm not huge yaoi lover but this one was quiet good.

Sukisho - another one I have watched.

Kuroshitsuji - has yaoi suggestions but isn't the main theme of the show.
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