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Originally Posted by xlilyx View Post
I just wanted to send this to everyone who might look at this soon so here goes...
I really like Naruto English Dub and I like it more in Naruto Shippuden because the women who plays as Naruto's voice in the English Dub sounds much better. In Naruto Unleashed he sounds a bit shouty and crocky but I didn't mind. Except for Naruto all of the other character's voices were excellent. I really liked the Sand Sibling's voices in English but I guess it's because I've heard them in other anime's I really liked. For characters like Kakashi, Shikamaru, Ino, Shino and Hinata they choose voices that go well with their personality's. I think they chose really good voices for most of the cast but overall I love the English Cast but I must admit I like listening to the Japanese Cast sometimes. In Naruto Shippuden the voices in the Akatsuki are amazing, I really love Jonny Yong Bosch who voiced Sasori. As all of Naruto Unleashed character's had to adgust their voices a bit I really think they did a great job. Like I said before I think Naruto's voice changed a lot because the loudness and crockyness of his voice lowered and become much softer. And like I said before I don't mind how the voices sound as I think the English cast has done an excellent job with it but I also like the Japanese cast.
Thanks for reading and I hope people write in this discussion soon.
I know I loved when Naruto Shippuden was dubbed besides the fact that it was on Disney which shocked me yet I loved it especially when the had Johnny Young Bosch did Sasori (Which might become tough later on since he does Ichigo) that was perfect. I loved how the made Dedira's voice much tougher than the Japanese version. I always loved how Viz dubbed there anime especially when there Adult Swim. Naruto Shippuden dubbing was a master piece
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