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Originally Posted by Eratas123 View Post
Could you shorten it a bit? It's easier to read a summary than a big wall of text.
Summary of the important stuff in my previous post: (crap cut)

>Society don't just discriminate guys, they discriminate middle to lower class guys and ugly women (edit: only beautiful women get the special treatment).

>Discrimination isn't really that serious in IS-verse... sure you get minor inconveniences here and there but nothing serious.

>After the introduction of IS
> guys became Wimpy> lack of confident
> don't get hired due to lack of confident> Blame the social system for being bias to female
edit: > Media milk the news for its worth (like they always do) and everybody think there is a drastic social shift > Some acted accordingly

> New female oc is called Rune Glyph.
> Nice girl who hold grudge and has mean steak....


Now for my comment about IS verse:

Most (if not all) girls in IS-verse are yandere/violent to various degree.....
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