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Well it's directed by the Rozen Maiden director afaik, and I think it's something he's serious about (personal project??) because he and the art director really went to New York to get a feel of the place and make drawings of the place.
They probably had to pay for it out of their own $ (I'd laugh if Gonzo really paid for them )

But that English synopsis is really vague. I didn't read much about it... but I hope they can give us a more realistic portrayal of schoolgirls - not always the innocent, pure moe type but not going overboard on the Attitude Problem type either... Maybe a more realistic selection?

Hopefully that's what they're intending to do, by not using Japanese schoolgirls and instead removing that tendency to lean towards cliches by trying to think of how foreign schoolgirls would really act. And I hope they're successful.

But maybe it's all just a facade and it's another Gonzo effort to make something that's easier to sell overseas. Do us a favour and don't Speed Grapher it please.
Thanks for the fish
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