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Originally Posted by demon2004 View Post
Well my computer died on me it was an amd 64 3200+ 1gb pc3200 80GB hd and msi board, it served well, so i now had an reason to buy an new computer i went and god an vista premaid one compaq specs are

p4 631 3.0gz 2mb cache
1gb ddr2 pc 4200 pluse i added an extra 512ram
intell board with the ati radeon express 1100 chipset
160gb sata 2 hd
light scribe dl drive
now for some reason it seems slow is the cpu not strong enough for visat i mean the min requiment is 800mzh so hep please
If you want the best pc get a voodoo pc (an omen) Those are all vista ready. I ordered one and I'm still waiting for it to come ^^;;
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