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Originally Posted by demon2004 View Post
p4 631 3.0gz 2mb cache
1gb ddr2 pc 4200 pluse i added an extra 512ram
intell board with the ati radeon express 1100 chipset
160gb sata 2 hd
light scribe dl drive
now for some reason it seems slow is the cpu not strong enough for visat i mean the min requiment is 800mzh so hep please
well that should be enough for vista... you proc and mem are quite good. The only thing sucks at you box was you graphic accellerator. Vista uses A HELL LOT of graphic resource especiall when using that aero stuff. Try buying some VGA card. If you have quite a bunch money try buying two radeon x1950xtx well if not just use any agp (pci-x more recommended) card with at least 128mb of gddr3 (vram).

or just dump that stupid vista and install some slackware and see the difference hahaha...

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