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Originally Posted by Vexx View Post
Actually, I think my *favorite* voicing is that of Nanako-sensei (Konomi Maeda) and the loud raunchy accent she bludgeons the class with so faux-badly. Of course, I'm also watching the series Lovely Complex with its dialectical hilarity.
Nice catch. I also found myself when I watch Lovely Complex saying: "where is Kuroi-sensei?". I mean, that should be her natural habitat
At the beginning I felt quite uneasy with that accent (both in LoveCom and LS), but it quickly grew on me and it's now something I wouldn't renounce.

My favourite seiyuu perfomance in Lucky Star is that of Katou Emiri (Kagami). I already explained in the favourite main character poll how my liking for Kagami is due to her voice on a consistent percentage ratio. I don't know, she might not be putting out the most difficult of the interpretations, but whenever she's called to show a different side of her character, she never fails once. And I find it amusing that a simple "nanda to?" can crack me up that much.

I like the other voices too, but not as much as Katou Emiri. I didn't know she voiced the young Koushi-dono in Sumomo^6 , I must pay attention the next time I'll watch it. (though if my memory serves me right, there's not much to listen actually).

By the way, I can see only one possible opponent for her on the incoming cast. That's why I'm looking forward for the anime to introduce Patricia Martin, whose seiyuu is none other than the moe goodess Sasaki Nozomi, aka my beloved Nana-chan in Bokura ga Ita
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